Saturday, April 2, 2016

cute and easy nail designs

Here is a DIY nail art design is easy to complete, but still be able to have people asking where you do your nails. It is as simple as selecting some spring colors, will be the kitchen drawer and grab your plastic wrap!
Nail Art Spring
To begin, choose a base color of his semen and apply two coats. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.
Then, the ball lost some plastic sheet, so that no kinks in it. Paint the first of its light color accent to the plastic wrap, then apply a light paint all nails. Pressing too hard can apply a lot of ink.
Nail Art Spring
Choose another highlight color, and repeat this method on all nails. You will return to the main accent color or the base color to complete the display.
It allows the design to dry for a few minutes and then apply the finish coat to keep planning, but also a mixture of colors together.
Polished used purple Palazzo pants OPI, OPI Gelato in my mind, and Essie Chillato.
Nail Art Spring
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Looking modern way to celebrate spring? If so, create a spring bath style fun nail art would be a great way to create a perfect nail shape for a fun, relaxed season.
Cake is passionate style nail art by Hiroko Fujikawa, owner and designer of Mars Salon West Hollywood, is a nail style that drew attention was very good for spring. display combines a modern combination of pastel colors and stripes and ink stains, bare metal.
The force components work together to shape the nails look beautiful, elegant and feminine. What makes your nails all the time, or you are a beginner to experiment with nails painting style is easy and simple to follow the big DIY nail designs to try. This is the way to generate return to passion pastel nail styles in six simple steps:
1. Apply a base coat.two. Apply nail polish beige color on every finger.three. Drawing white patches on the thumb, middle and little finger.four. Drawing lines in yellow in the middle of the index and ring fingers.five. Place a gold ribbon on the line rate of the skin and ring fingers. After that irritant to bite ribbon.saw. Apply a high layer.